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In-game FC: Cerulean X
Official CC: Cerulean Xeric
IRC Channel: #CeruleanX

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Welcome to the official forum site of Cerulean Xeric.

For new applying members who wish to join us officially, please click on the following links, fill up the respective forms, and post it in a new topic: Applications, and Introductions.

On behalf of the Council Board and the leaders, we wish everyone in CX an enjoyable time in our clan. Do remember to stay active, and we hope that you will have fun and enjoy yourself during your time with us. CX Pride!

Alternatively, you may click on the following link for a detailed guide on how to apply and to fully complete the whole registration process: Youtube video

ZeroFalcon X

SG Knight

Amber Eyes

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0xide -- Wazzup - 2/6/2018
0xide -- Add me on OSRS: Visualiser
0xide -- Hello
Capt.KelvinX -- Good to be back smile.gif June 1st, 2017
da bian -- oh god the nostalgia
Squidkrabs -- Doing good, thanks for coming back to visit
CrazyPJZo0o -- Yo! How's everybody doing now ? biggrin.gif
Lighten -- poo

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
#Comingon CX Member 19-December 11 32
0xide CX Member 10-April 11 102
2e4 CX Member 5-October 11 0
5selenagomez CX Member 14-December 11 2
Ace CX Member 24-November 10 3,722
Ace Curse CX Member 2-August 12 3
Ah Sky CX Member 8-July 11 41
Amply CX Member 21-August 12 11
angelic touch CX Member 17-September 11 2
ARKAYE CX Member 30-October 11 3
Arlene68 CX Member 18-November 11 2
Ayie CX Member 18-September 11 12
Az Far CX Member 28-December 11 8
babyzebraii CX Member 27-October 11 4
Ball So Hard CX Member 7-October 12 0
Bastiannn CX Member 9-November 12 0
Beetleking4 CX Member 11-January 12 2
Boyani CX Member 3-June 11 104
Capt.KelvinX CX Member 25-November 10 21
Cech245 CX Member 24-November 10 264
Cow is Fat CX Member 26-March 12 1
CrazyPJZo0o CX Member 25-November 10 24
Crit2h CX Member 2-March 12 366
cutebaby136 CX Member 24-November 10 257
cybergasm CX Member 15-September 11 7
da bian CX Member 3-December 10 19
darknesjin1 CX Member 19-November 11 1
Dat Freeze xD CX Member 27-November 10 45
devil bear CX Member 4-December 11 2
Didi CX Member 18-September 12 0
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